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WEB 3.0

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It was all started back in around the year 1989, when a British scientist Tim Berners- Lee invented world wide web . World Wide Web is global information medium which users can access from their devices all around the world.
Now the question is – What is a static page?

A static Web page is a page that is built using HTML code and features the same presentation and content, regardless of user identity or other factors. Static Web pages are easier to code and assemble than dynamic Web pages, which may feature customizable content according to a user's identity.

This is how a static page command looks like --
After some years around in year 2004 the web 2.0 comes into play when a company named Facebook launched its first product a social networking site which allows a person to interact with other person or a community. Facebook changes the definition of the term internet, before Facebook we cannot interact immediately with people across the world, Facebook makes it so simple that by just one click we can send message to someone who is miles away from us

This is what Facebook first webpage looks like -
From 2004 untill now we living in the world of web 2.0 , but now the definition of term internet is again going to change when web 3. 0 comes in real life applications. Web 3.0 is a very vast topic it consists of many other terms within it. Web 3.0 is a technology which can provide a person his/her unique identity on internet without revealing his/her original identity to world.
In web 3 you can play games , make purchases and make any transactions with a digital currency called CRYPTOCURRENCY , and the place where you make transactions is called metaverse.
web 3 and cryptocurrency

Now here is one another question – What is a cryptocurrency ?

The cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency or a digital asset which can be used for purchasing items or for making a transaction. The cryptocurrency runs on a technology called BLOCKCHAIN , this is a decentralised currency which means a single person or a governing body cannot take control of it , the normal currency is controlled by the reserve bank of countries , but this currency is not controlled by any body or any bank , the cryptocurrency can be controlled by tens of thousands of computers across the world which means it cannot be hacked because hacking tens of thousands of computers is next to impossible so it is a secure mode of payment.
The web 3 uses this blockchain technology to make the transactions more secure and for providing good experience for its users.
The another term in web 3 is METAVERSE -

The metaverse is like a virtual space on internet which gives you the feel of real life on internet. We can make our avatars on metaverse and then play games , buy things using digital currency which we have stored in our digital wallets. As we buy antique or unique things in market using our country’s currency in our real life’s , like that we can buy antique and unique things in metaverse marketplaces which are called NFT’s (NON -FUNGIBLE TOKEN)
NFT in web 3
The famous examples of metaverse are
• Sandbox
• Cryptovoxels
• Decentarland
• Star Atlas

Facebook has taken a big major step by changing their name from Facebook to Meta because they think web 3 and metaverse will change the definition of term Internet again. Some developers think web 3 will completely change the way of how we use internet today.

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