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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

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Facebook Organic Promotion -

1. Create a Facebook page and optimize -

- cover page
- photo
-about etc.

2. Review your page settings and security -

3. Types of posts -

-Text pos
- video post
-live video
-pinned posts
-Facebook stories
-LinkedIn posts

4. Bring strong band image -

- for your business
- for your product/services
- in your audience minds

5. Add integrations and custom tabs to your page

6. Make your groups and invite relevant audience

7. Schedule best time and date for posting according to your niche

8. Test and monitor your post frequently

9. Partner with influencers - relevant to your niche

10. Use relationship marketing

11. Engage with your audience

12. Share Facebook [pages post on your Facebook profile

13. Use hashtags in right ways

14. Take help of your facebook app and explore more

15. Keep monitoring your page analytics

-> Facebook business page optimization tips -

1. Right profile picture
2. Cover photo
3. Add a short description
4. Add a long description
5. Add a description to your cover photo
6. Add a link to your website
7. Select the right business category
8. Create a custom vanity URL
9. Add a small call to action button to your page
10. Add page tabs to promote your products and services
11. Pin your most important posts
12. Start posting videos
13. Create a video playlist
14. Enable reviews
15. Measure your performance

Instagram Organic Promotion -

1. Create engaging content
2. Schedule your post
3. Collect a list of related accounts within your niche
4. Follow your competitors following
5. Like and leave comments on competitor's followers
6. Join an engagement group
7. Repeat and be consistent

Instagram organic growth

1. Work as an influencer to post content sponsored by brands
2. Be an affiliate marketer selling other people's products
3. Become an entrepreneur and sell your own products

Twitter organic promotion -

1. Make replying and returning a habit
2. Deliver good content and value consistently
3. Monitor hashtags and trending topics
4. Engage with influencers on Twitter
5. Participate in Twitter chats
6. Follow people
7. Get your bio right
8. Host Twitter chats
9. Tag people and start conversations

Twitter organic growth -

1. Use sponsored tweets
2. Promote affiliate products on Twitter
3. Promote your own products
4. Generate traffic for your website

LinkedIn organic promotion -

1. Complete and fully optimized profile
2. Find the right people
3. Customize note for connection request
4. Ask for an introduction
5. Engage in the news feild

YouTube organic promotion -

1. Description -

A. Tell the viewers in brief what your channel is all about
B. Content must be catchy, informative, and interesting
C. Add links to your website and all social media platforms
D. Call to action - Guide your viewers to take action on your channel

2. Get your channel account verify
3. Setup video trailer on the YouTube channel
4. Upload defaults

YouTube SEO -

1. Topic and content research
2. Competition/market/industry research
3. Keywords research for titles/descriptions/tags - can use google keyword planner, google auto-suggests, and YouTube auto-suggest
4. Keep regular tracking on video and keyword ranking like which type of videos and content is more liked or watched by the audience
5. Consistency is most important
6. Use a mix of long and short tail keywords
7. Starting a few days an initial audience response is important - so keep it engaging and use elements in videos
8. Title/thumbnail/video content is very important
9. Must and effectively use of these - end screen/I-card/description
10. Do not share your video with friends or relatives because they watch half video and decreases your channel performance

Find latest and trending topics for YouTube channel -

1. Use of articles
2. Audience need
3. Keep watch on competitors
4. Present content in a unique way

Search Engine Optimization

social media optimization, digital marketing , online marketing ,publicity, public relation, digital marketing company, digital marketing services ,social media marketing , Facebook marketing

A. On page SEO activates -

1. Keyword Research -
-Online Keyword Research
-Offline Keyword Research

Keywords research tools and platforms -

1. Google keyword planner
2. Google trends
3. Google autocomplete
4. SEMrush
5. Ahrefs
6. Google suggest

2. Meta tags in website
3. Content optimization in SEO
4. SEO-friendly website structure
5. Breadcrumb navigation
6. Anchor text
7. On-page heading in SEO
8. Robots.txt
9. Internal and external linking
10. Difference between do-follow and no-follow links

11. SEO-friendly URL
- use hyphens to separate words
- Use lowercase letters in URLs
- Be careful with subdomains
-Keep URLs short

12. Google keyword planner
13. Google trends
14. Create a sitemap.xml file for the website on crawl your website on the google search console
15. Inbound (incoming) and outbound (outgoing) links

B. Off-page SEO activates

1. Submit website to search engine
- Free web submission.com
2. Profile creation
3. Free WordPress blog
4. Guest blogging/posting
5. Article submission
6. Classified submission
7. Blog submission
- Weebly.com
8. Social bookmarking submission
- tumble.com
9. Business listing in SEO
- Enroll business.com
10. Directory submission in SEO
- Highrankdirectory.com
11. Document /PDF submission
- Slideshare.net
12. Image submission in SEO
- Flickr.com

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