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What are blogs for you points ?

We are happy to launch our new point system here on blogs for you.

We believe that the point system will significantly impact the growth of 'blogs for you' and its visitors and reach more people worldwide and at the same time, help a lot of people in the long term.

How do you benefit from the point system ?

We (blogs for you) are trying hard to provide the best blogs on the technology and finance field and provide you valuable information on the web

This year we decided to launch the points, ranks, badges and rewards system on our website

How to earn points, ranks, and badges ?

To participate in our point system program -
Please signup first from the register option in the upper menu

After registering follow these steps 👇👇


Rank Name

Rank Photo

Badge Photo

Points Required

How To Achieve




Sign -up and Share any content of the website with at least 20 people




Share your profile link with people Your profile link should have a minimum of 50 visits in one month (Unique IPs)




Post at least 4 blogs a month and share your post link with people. Your post link should have a minimum of 200 visits in one month (Unique IPs)


Senior Writer


Post at least 10 blogs a month and your monthly visitors should be more than 500 (Unique IPs)

Anti-fraud policy

Our Anti-Fraud policy is direct and concise. All unauthentic traffic is prohibited. If our manual review team or our AI automatically detects any fake referrals or fake behavior, your account will be terminated indefinitely, and you will be permanently banned from the website (you will lose all your points)

Examples of fake referrals

1. Repeatedly clicking your own referral link
2. Use different devices to click your own link
3. Using a VPN to click your own link
4. Buying fake traffic from fake traffic sites 5. Using any software to generate fake clicks to your link

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us

Please share with your friends, and help others